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Trauma Recovery

These traumatic events you have experienced do not have to form part of your present thinking, you do not have to live with these constant fears and anxieties which can creep up on you at any time. My support creating a safe space for you allows the opportunity to place that experience back where it belongs, in the past, and help you enjoy your present.

I worked with Ian to support him to reduce the anxiety he was experiencing from remembering a specific incident in his past which was extremely traumatic. He found it difficult to talk about, and I reassured him that I didn’t need to know any of the details, this can often make people feel more stressed and anxious.  I supported him to understand what was happening in his brain when he continually revisited this memory, and why it was impacting on his everyday life.  Once Ian understood this, I used a technique called rewind to help him calm his mind in relation to the experience and put it back in his brain where it belonged, as a memory in his past.  The sessions we spent together allowed Ian to express his fears about never being able to escape this experience, whilst not having to go into great depth about how he was feeling. This was his feedback to me after we had finished our work together.

I have to admit that I was skeptical of the process when we started work together, but I decided to stick with it as, when you explained it to me, it made so much sense. I desperately want to stop revisiting my traumatic experience but it was starting to become more and more prevalent in my mind, and it was starting to impact on my everyday life.  What put me off any type of therapy was having to talk about it in great depth to try and ‘understand’ why i was feeling the way I was. The trouble was, every time I did talk about it I could feel myself get more and more anxious. Your approach was so refreshing. I knew that you did not need to hear the ‘story’ which related to my trauma, you acknowledged it was there without getting me to talk about it. I felt it was so much easier to know that you were going to guide me through a process which did not involve me explaining something which I do everything I can to avoid thinking about. I couldn’t believe how simple the process was, and how effective. I even came away after the first session feeling lighter, and when we completed the rewind I surprised myself about how I could think about the memory which had previously caused me so much anxiety, and remember it without feeling scared, or worried at all. That was a revelation to me, and I am truly grateful to you for sticking with my reservations about this support and pleased with myself that I trusted your explanations. It has made a massive difference to my life’

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