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Therapy shouldn’t be scary…..it should be supportive

Here’s the thing……

I don’t want the word ‘therapy’ to be a word which is fearful in itself, it is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of STRENGTH.

Therapy can mean booking an hour of calming, and relaxation inducing reflexology in my tranquil log cabin in Marlow. Or experiencing some real calm and understanding during an hours hypnotherapy session with me, face to face, or via Skype. This is where I hold space for you and support you to understand what is going on for you right now, whether it is experiencing overwhelming anxiety, a battle with depression or feeling hijacked by a fear or phobia. I can offer non-judgmental appreciation and support of these issues and more, from my years of experience as well as my own personal journey.

What is unique to me is the expertise I have developed in using therapeutic grade essential oils in my sessions and educating people to use them, both while we are working together, and after our time together has ended. If you choose to work with me and incorporate the essential oils into your sessions, you will have some tools to take away with you which will support you all day, every day with whatever challenges you may face.

Or, if you are in need of relaxation, re-balancing and recharging, a DoAroma Reiki treatment can be a calming, healing experience. Without the need to talk, just be, and allow the application of specific therapeutic grade essential oils to be applied on your feet, back, neck and head, using the aroma of the oils as well as the healing power of touch to calm. Following the application of the oils your will receive Reiki healing to further relax and recharge your body and mind.

I am not a ‘run of the mill’ therapist who practises the same formula on every client. This is because you are unique, and individual, and I want to make sure you you have the ultimate transformation and support when you come and see me.  We work in the moment, what you need right now, and then find out where you feel you need to go.

It is amazing what happens when you give yourself the space, and time to relax and let go of lifes burdens and work out what is really needed in your life.

And because it is important that you know me before you commit to any kind of support, I would love to chat with you first. So call me on 07843 055587 or email clare@clarecogan.com and we’ll get that set up.

I’m here for you when you need me.

Love Clare x


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