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Finding support for anxiety – the things you need to know to get the help you need…

If you’re considering getting support for anxiety but don’t know where to start then read on. I talk both from the perspective of being a therapist and a client, having a number of years of accessing therapy myself, addressing anxiety, confidence and self esteem issues

So many times I come across websites where the therapists boast about the ins and outs of their amazing therapy and what it can do for somebody and I think WOW! Then I try and find some information about the person, the individual behind the amazing therapy and I might find a small headshot and a list of professional qualifications and that is it. Is that enough to make such an important decision about who I tell my story too, who I share my inner most fears and worries?

In my opinion, it is most certainly not enough!

So what should you look for when you need support for anxiety? and where do you start?

Do your research

Ask around. Ask friends and family. Read reviews and testimonials. What do other say about the therapist in consideration? It’s not simply a case of the closest most convenient one  – you want a therapist who is good. Good and convenient do not always go hand in hand! The right person might be worth a longer drive

Are they selling support or themselves?

When looking for support for anxiety, I suggest looking for hypnotherapists who are not selling themselves but those telling you about their work and their style and philosophy of working with people with similar issues to you.

I don’t boast about my qualifications, I don’t even list them on my website. seriously, letters after my name don’t matter. From my perspective when I see them on others names I just think they are a bit poncy. The letters mean nothing, they just reflect a journey I have been on, a journey of studying and self development, to get to where I am not, but they mean absolutely nothing to you. I don’t believe my qualifications make me the therapist I am today, they have unlocked the doors and given me a framework but they don’t make ME who I AM.

Qualifications are important – but they aren’t everything

The other day I was talking to a lovely lady on the phone who was looking for some therapeutic help for her teenage daughter who was experiencing panic attacks.  During the course of the conversation she explained that her daughter had seen a couple of therapists but had not ‘got on with them’ even though they were well qualified and helpful when it came to the issues she was experiencing.  This mum was facing a minefield of people all telling her that they could help her daughter.

She contacted me because she had been following my Facebook page, where I talk about not only what I do, but how I deal with challenges going on in my life. I am not just a therapist, I am also human too.

She said she liked what she read and it was enough to convince her to get in touch. I explained to this lady that I understood her overwhelm. I had been there too, where she was, both with finding the right people to support me and also the right people to support my children.

Finding rapport when getting support for anxiety

The single biggest factor in choosing your therapist is the rapport your establish with the person who you have chosen to help you. I have sat across from counsellors who are still imprinted in my memory, expressionless and even motionless, while I spill my heartfelt fears and worries about everything. They give me a perspective but there is no warmth, no response.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that is often how people are trained, but that is not my style.

You have to feel comfortable with me before we go ahead and work together, otherwise you will not receive the benefits that you ultimately need to receive from making the courageous decision to get help.

I will not be offended if you talk and meet with me and decide that I am not the right person for you, it has got to feel right for you. Yes, accessing therapy is hard and it can be scary to admit you need to, but it should not be hard to meet and get to know your therapist, they should not be a closed book of professionalism.

This is my style, and this is what works for my clients. it certainly narrows down the minefield of trying to work out which ‘therapy’ is the right ‘therapy’ because no one therapy if right or wrong, it is the person delivering it which matters in your choice.

Watch my short video on anxiety here.

Love Clare x

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Clare Cogan is a Marlow-based practitioner and therapist. Here to offer tailored therapeutic support and advice to ease the anxiety in your life. Know that you or your child do not need to suffer. Learn more at www.clarecogan.com

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