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Sleep Support

Poor sleep patterns can be extremely challenging, and often contribute to a number of issues, when we don’t sleep well we don’t function well during the day. Once you understand the importance of your sleep cycle (not just how much sleep you are having) and unravel why you are not sleeping or not sleeping well, we can use hypnosis and other tools and techniques to improve your sleep pattern easily and this will have a positive impact on your everyday life.

Feedback from Denise highlights the positive impact of using the tools and techniques to reduce poor sleep habits:

‘The first benefit I noticed was the sleep! I listened to the sleep mp3 every night and after hearing it from beginning to end the first few nights I suddenly realised that I had slept through the whole night and only heard maybe the first 10 minutes. Having gone so long dreading night time because I’d work myself up at the thought of not sleeping, the feeling of just being able to go to bed with no anxiety, confident I would drop off and wake up when I was ready made such a difference.’

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