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Supporting you using Reflexology

Reflexology…….glorified foot massage? Nope.

Someone fiddling with my feet to work out what is ‘wrong’ with me? Nope

Over the past 13 years of support people as a reflexologist, I have had a variety of assumptions made about reflexology, what it is, and what it can do.

Misconceptions can arise if you have never had reflexology before, or if you maybe have had a ‘spa’ type treatment.

I would love you to come and have a treatment with me, someone who has been practicing as a reflexologist for as long as she has been a mum, and have supported so many people to experience the benefits.

Women who have been trying to conceive, and are stuck in that cycle of fear and panic about whether it will ever happen for them. Pregnant women who have been told that they have no other choice but to ‘put up with’ their aches and pains. And people who are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, and come to my tranquil log cabin in Marlow to relax, unwind and be a peace for an hour to help them feel ready to face the world again.

I am not a ‘run of the mill’ therapist who practices the same formula on every client. This is because you are unique, and individual, and I want to make sure you you have the ultimate transformation and support when you come and see me.

I use a personlised blend of therapeutic grade essential oils in every treatment specific to your needs in that moment, whether it is re-balancing you need, or re-energising, uplifting or clearing, whatever is needed, I will be able to add something to your treatment to enhance it’s effects.

So if you would like to come and see me and experience the benefits for yourself, please use the booking link on this page.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Love Clare x