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Hypnotherapy FAQ’s

What happens during a Hypnotherapy session?

There is often a misunderstanding about what hypnotherapy is, or isn’t. These views and opinions have often been formed from people observing stage hypnotists making someone on a stage, in front of an audience quack like a duck, cluck like a chicken, or demonstrate some other entertaining behaviour to make an audience laugh.  If you want to read more about my approach to hypnotherapy and busting the myths, then please read my blog post here.

I am here to tell you that during a hypnotherapy session, the emphasis is on the therapy, not the hypnosis, no-one can control your mind, or make you do something you don’t want to do.  The first part of the session is talking about you, what is happening for you, and exploring ways which you can move forward in your life in a positive way. That is what Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on, not dwelling on the past, but focusing on the future. Once you understand how our negative thoughts can keep us stuck in our feelings, and behaviour, we will make small steps towards breaking through that cycle.  Hypnosis is the gentle relaxation at the end of the hour long session which gives your mind time for it to process what we have discussed, some time for calm and a reduction in anxiety, you choose to go into this state of relaxation to help your body and mind release the tension you have been carrying and to calm the stress response which helps you feel more rational about the situation you are facing, and ultimately more supported.

How much are the sessions?

The sessions are an hour long and cost £60 per hour. I offer packages where you have the opportunity to book and pay for either 3 or 6 sessions, depending on your individual needs. I will discuss this with you when you get in touch and explain why you would need a certain number of sessions. Initially, it is ideal if these sessions are carried out on a weekly basis. It will enable you to get the most benefit out of your time with me so that I can support you and identify and celebrate the progress you are making with you.

I have also developed packages which allow you to incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into your sessions, and for you to use them as tools to continue with your support beyond our time together.  I use these during the treatment and teach you how to use them to best effect at home.

How many sessions will I need?

The best way to ascertain this is to have a conversation with me, and I can explain how I can help and support you. Most often people start to feel a real difference in their lives after 6 weekly sessions. I remind people that they have often spent a long time in this challenging place, with often negative and difficult thought patterns, therefore it does time time, and persistence to move someone forward positively, it is unlikely to be an overnight improvement if you want it to be sustainable.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is designed to be ‘brief therapy’, meaning that it is not a long term, weekly commitment. It is about giving you the understanding and the tools which you need to help yourself sustain a positive move forward in your life, be it improving sleep, reducing anxiety or increasing confidence. We will all face challenges in our lives, but is how we cope with them which makes the difference.

What is the success rate for specific issues?

Everyone is individual, but Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is designed to be ‘brief therapy’, where I teach you how to introduce both an understanding of your brain and how it is impacting on your behaviour and then a variety of tools and techniques so you can learn to support yourself both between sessions and after the sessions have ended.  The success will depend on following guidance given during the sessions and also how deeply ingrained and pervasive the issue is. So for example, if someone is experiencing a specific fear or phobia, like fear of flying or a phobia of wasps then the success rate is high as we can deal with that specific issue in a very direct way and can be measured by the absence of that fear in the specific situation.  However, if someone is seeing me for longer term issues with anxiety or depression which is impacting on their everyday life, then success is measured by how someone is rating their own feelings and emotions, and how they feel able to incorporate the tools and techniques into everyday life.  Everyone measures success differently so I would encourage you to look at my success stories relating to issues such as anxiety and depression by clicking through to the relevant links.

Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place in my log cabin in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.  I have created a safe, comfortable space which I call my ‘haven of tranquility’.  One of the most important parts of feeling supported with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is both feeling comfortable in the environment and with the hypnotherapist you are working with. If you do not, you will not get the full benefits from the time you have committed to overcoming your issue which has brought you to me. It is why it is important that we have a conversation before we start, and why I offer a free initial consultation.

What qualifications do you have?

I am a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and registered with the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I also hold a Hypnotherapy Diploma awarded by The Hypnotherapy Association. I also have a Level 4 Diploma in Reflexology accredited to the Association of Reflexologists, am trained in Maternity Reflexology and have spent my 13 years carrying out a variety of continuing professional development activities to further my knowledge and understanding including working with children, with people trying to conceive and those experiencing trauma.

Ultimately I have been working in a ‘people orientated’ environment for the past 22 years and have developed the ability to appreciate, understand and articulate what people are thinking and feeling in order to help that person feel comfortable on their journey of working with me, which can often be a difficult one. I have become an expert in working with anxiety partly due to my own journey experiencing, and recovering from acute anxiety which has been prevalent for me since I have been a teenage.  If you want to read more about my story to see if  i am somebody you would feel comfortable being supported by then please click here.

If you still have more questions or feel that you would like to consider hypnotherapy for your specific issue or concern then please get in touch by completing the form below;




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