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Here are all my upcoming events. I will look forward to meeting you! Love Clare x

Tools for Teens - Understanding the Teenage Brain: 21st - 25th September, £20
The teenage years, a tough one to navigate.
Some find it easy, others find the transition from children through to adulthood a turbulent time.
It can be an unpredictable, uncertain, and challenging for us all, especially during these uncertain times.
Join me online in a private Facebook group where I will give you an insight into the mind of a teenager (scary I know!) and what you can do to practically help your teen navigate this tough time. 
We will look at six key areas: sleep; mood; focus and concentration; hormones, and confidence and identity, and the ways you can support them, exploring ways to smooth their path and giving you and them some invaluable coping strategies, enabling you to provide them with the guidance needed to help them through and an environment they feel safe and content in, protecting them and their mental health. 
Included in this five day programme is a sample collection of essential oils which will contribute to the ‘tool kit’ we will be putting together for our teens.
Having something we can ‘do’ during these times makes an enormous difference to how we cope, and I would love to have you with me.

Natural Solutions for Health and Wellness

I run these classes regularly in Marlow to educate people about essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how and when these beautiful gifts of the earth can be used and there is a reason for that, which I will explain.

Held in my cosy log cabin, this exclusive workshop will teach you about the power of essential oils and plant-based medicine and how it can support our body and mind. Limited to 8 people to ensure everyone gets value from the session, we’ll discover different ways to use the oils every day, so they become part of your daily routine. We will also look at how to choose the right oils for you, enabling you to take away your knowledge and continue using them effectively.

There will be the opportunity to do a guided relaxation with an oil to experience its benefits.