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Here are all my upcoming events. I will look forward to meeting you! Love Clare x

Exploring Emotions With Essential Oils

I run these classes regularly in Marlow to educate people about essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how and when these beautiful gifts of the earth can be used and there is a reason for that, which I will explain.

Held in my cosy log cabin, this exclusive workshop will teach you about the power of essential oils and plant-based medicine and how it can support our body and mind. Limited to 8 people to ensure everyone gets value from the session, we’ll discover different ways to use the oils every day, so they become part of your daily routine. We will also look at how to choose the right oils for you, enabling you to take away your knowledge and continue using them effectively.

There will be the opportunity to do a guided relaxation with an oil to experience its benefits.

SpOIL Yourself - How to Keep Well this Winter


Due to the popularity and success of this online programme, we will be running a second one in November! The details are below, along with some testimonials from those on the inaugural programme:

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils and how they can actually support YOU in your everyday life?

Or have you purchased the oils and are wanting to refresh and broaden your knowledge?

I am really excited to be running this five day online programme which allows you to experience the power of essential oils in your own home, one oil, one day at a time.

Join myself, and Nutritional Therapist, Zara Watt from Monday 25th November – Friday 29th November in a private Facebook Group and learn each day about a different oil and how they can help and support you and your family to stay well this winter.

Samples will be sent out to everyone who takes part so you can join in and experience them as we talk about them.

We will cover supporting your immune system, coughs and colds and helping you with aches and pains. We will also look at the emotional side of moving into winter, and using oils which can support us with darker nights and colder days.

What you will learn will be suitable for both adults and children.

The cost of being part of this exclusive group is £15, and limited to 15 people to allow us to fully support and guide everyone on your journey. You can join with a friend, just buy as many tickets as you like and we will send out the right number of samples.

It is open to new and any existing customers who are not using the oils as regularly as they would like and not spending on LRP.

Click the link below to complete the form to join and make payment. Once this has been received you will be sent your package of sample oils products in the post and a link to our private Facebook group where all the information and videos will be posted, daily for those five days to help you make the most of that oil, that day.

The deadline for joining is Friday 15th November to give us time to send the samples out to you before we start.

During the week we will also do a guided relaxation and have some extra oils and products to give away as prizes to those who join in with the programme to experience these amazing gifts of the earth.

Please post below any questions you may have, and remember we are strictly limited to 15 places so book now to secure your spot and join us on an oily journey.

Love Clare and Zara x


“I had no idea how much oils could affect us. The little taster bottles are great to introduce the different oils, and I even managed to help a driving student who was struggling with a blocked up nose/sinuses. I had my little bottle of Breathe with me, and dabbed a tiny bit on her wrist, took about 30 seconds to start loosening everything up. You have a convert here ladies :-)”

“I was scared of using oils incorrectly. This week has shown me the safest ways and the numerous different ways oils can be incorporated into all aspects of daily life. Fantastic week. Thank you.”

“Thanks Clare and Zara for a fun, informative week. The mixture of short videos and focused online posts have been enlightening and I feel more confident in the uses of oils now. I’ve started diffusing and using the melaleuca and on guard on my feet to reduce my cold’s duration and thankfully its never got to the horrendous stage! I also love the community and how Zara and Clare were so responsive to our questions. Thank you!”