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Do you feel depressed?

I can help you regain the joy in your life, and face the future in a more positive way. My tools I have developed through my years of experience working with people will give you insight into why you feel this way….and the tools to recover.

Meet Jane, a lady who was supported by me, and in a few weeks experienced firsthand the transformation my support gave her.

I wanted to write you a note to let you know how grateful I am for the talent that you are sharing with the world. I found myself in a really difficult space earlier this year, and eventually found no respite in the various routines I established to curb my anxiety; no meditation or uplifting aromatherapy could yank me out of. Nothing worked anymore and in fact only spiraled me further into obsessive thought patterns – if I didn’t complete my mindfulness exercise first thing in the morning, my day was doomed, if I didn’t get the aromatherapy blend right in the steam of the shower, those Monday blues would just persist. In fact, it wasn’t Monday blues, and it wasn’t me. It was the circumstances I was in, but I was so deep in my anxiety I didn’t have the strength to crawl my way out. I forced myself not to have negative thoughts in case I manifest them.
With hindsight it’s 20/20. Several life-impacting events had compounded over recent years, and a job which capitalised on my ambition yet made me feel uneasy, and the chaos was complete. One day I realised I didn’t recognise myself anymore. My thoughts and feelings were not familiar to me anymore. I wasn’t me.
I recalled how in pregnancy you had helped me deal with some of the physical challenges and I wondered whether my body could be manipulated again. In fact it was my mind which needed it.
I was desperate to try to fix the anxiety which made me live in fear 24/7, which made every breath an effort on some days, especially in those days when merely a feather or a single word could have knocked me over.
Little by little, we talked (and smelled!) our way back to life again. Our sessions left me feeling mended, gradually, one baby step at a time. You helped me observe life trickling, if not flooding back into me again.
Eventually I saw things for what they were. One morning the fog lifted, and I realised what had been happening all along, and I felt strong enough to start making decisions that would little by little help me take the power back and assert my way back to life.
I followed your advice. The hypnotherapy tape became my go-to. I didn’t obsess, I just took one step at a time and started observing my emotions. Now, when I feel recovered, I still turn to it at times when I feel things are getting on top of me, or when I can’t sleep, or when I know it’s been a while. It’s like a broom which sweeps out all the nonsense you don’t need to mull over any more.
I’m so grateful Clare. The world needs more people like you! I’m glad I took that first step over the threshold into your log cabin. You are a Godsend and will be blessed.
I’m happy to tell you I’m contented in my new role. I’m enjoying work. I’m enjoying life. It’s not without its challenges, but any mum will tell you the same!