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Do you experience panic attacks?

Understanding why panic attacks happen can transform your life. It can put you back in control of the situation, allowing you to use tools and techniques specifically designed to calm the mind and stop this over-reaction in the brain in it’s tracks. You will feel calmer, more confident and more able to get on with your everyday life.

Stephanie was scared of getting on the underground.  She found it slightly easier when she was with other people but still worried about it. If the train stopped in a tunnel or something unexpected happened, like the doors reopening at a station, she would feel her panic start to rise, she would start shaking, and sweating and would want to immediately get off the train she was on, even if she couldn’t.  This experience led her to avoiding going on the underground, no matter how much her friends and family reassured her it was okay, and often avoiding social occasions where she may have to get public transport.  Sally wanted to reduce the fear of having a panic attack when on the underground so she could enjoy travelling and getting to and from events.

I helped Stephanie understand where this acute fear, and subsequent panic was coming from, and what we could do about it. I gave her the tools to manage in situations where she had previously not felt in control, and as a result I received this:

‘I just wanted to send you this quick note after experiencing my calmest trip on the underground yet. What shocked me was it didn’t even enter into my mind to panic, even when the train stopped in a tunnel for a couple of minutes. I was able to remind myself about what we had discussed, and my understanding of how the brain works, as well as having an empty stress bucket meant I could experience the journey for what it was, and enjoy my evening out. Thank you so much, you have totally transformed how I experience something I was previously so scared of.’

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