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Building a Thriving Therapy Business

Written from the heart, this is my very personal story of how I built the thriving therapy business I continue to enjoy 11 years on.

It’s an inspirational story of many parts – just as it should be. I don’t hold back, I tell the absolute honest truth about every aspect of building this business has been like for me, because I don’t believe in sugar coating things.

When you work for yourself, your personal life and business become intertwined. The boundaries become blurred, and if you don’t embrace an holistic approach, you will seriously struggle to find your own version of success.

My interpretation of success is simple – I runs a thriving therapy business that I am so passionate about, and which fits in comfortably around my family. But it’s taken time to reach this point, and along with the dizzy highs of her successes, i’ve also had to work through some debilitating lows.


I’ve invested a huge amount of money in coaches, branding, marketing and personal development, and as a result, have discovered the practicalities of setting up and maintaining a therapy business.

Like many therapists and business owners, I also used to work around the clock to juggle my family commitments (and spend quality time with my boys), alongside my part-time career as a social worker, and my reflexology clients. I have also endured the loss of a close friend, and my grief experience was so profound that I almost felt like giving up on my business.

But, I didn’t. And the fire for her business still burns strong, and the fire which lights me up and gives me the energy to share with my clients is still there….burning strongly..

How have I done this? Simple – I’ve been myself, Clare – mum, therapist, and dream-believer. And that’s my secret to success.