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Are you experiencing work related stress?

When your job forms such a large, and significant part of everyday, being in a stressful and challenging environment can gradually have an impact on every area of our lives, and make the time spent anywhere with a constant dwelling on that stressful situation.

My support and guidance helps you to understand why you are stressed and support you with those symptoms, allowing you a safe space to explore the way you feel without criticism or judgment.  By taking that step back you will be able to take a few simple steps to reduce those acute feelings and gradually take yourself back into the work environment again without those overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety.

I supported Zoe when she was experiencing challenges being in the work environment, often having to have time off because she felt she couldn’t function. This cycle of absence and then return was having an impact on her ability to manage her workload, which was making her more stressed. She was also trying to get pregnant at the time and was aware that prolonged stress and anxiety were not going to help her in this situation. After a series of sessions with me, this was her feedback;

I was feeling increasingly stressed, whilst there was no one trigger I think work issues were a factor and the longing to get pregnant and worrying it might not happen for us.  Due to suffering from anxiety previously I was worried I was slipping back into an anxious cycle and that worrying fed my anxiety! My sleep pattern was very poor, not only would I take a long time to get to sleep, I would also wake up several times a night and never feel like I had benefitted from a deep sleep.  I was quite hard on myself, often berating myself for not being able to manage my anxiety better.

I didn’t have reservations about working with you, my only concern was that I wouldn’t be able to get into the treatments as I would find it very hard to switch off.

The whole brain explanation made sense to me, I enjoyed the structure of the sessions with the goal setting at the start each week. I felt reassured and at ease and you helped me to recognise the progress I was making. I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy itself and was fascinated with the cumulative effect, I know I got better at relaxing and would drift off at an earlier stage each time.  I felt you were extremely professional and that we were working together rather than feeling you were just ‘treating’ me. I felt my confidence growing but never felt any obligation to say things were improving until I knew they really were. I found the environment I was in conducive to feeling relaxed as well as the tone of your voice and the words that started to become very familiar to me. It was also just enjoyable and made me feel hopeful that I could take control over my anxiety again.

The first benefit I noticed was the sleep! I listened to the sleep mp3 every night and after hearing it from beginning to end the first few nights I suddenly realised that I had slept through the whole night and only heard maybe the first 10 minutes. Having gone so long dreading night time because I’d work myself up at the thought of not sleeping the feeling of just being able to go to bed with no anxiety, confident I would drop off and wake up when I was ready made such a difference.  I feel like the sessions with you helped me to trust my abilities to cope so even when I was having a moment of stress I could see it for what it was: a moment and something I could recover from. I started to panic less when I noticed myself getting tense.  I can honestly say the sessions helped me to feel more like myself. I hated my anxiety as it really stripped me of my identity, I felt like I was fighting with myself all the time and it was exhausting. I’m now feeling more confident, more in control, more optimistic and happier.  I’m not afraid of facing challenges and feel prepared to deal with them. I am so happy I decided to give hypnotherapy a go, I would definitely recommend it to others and would revisit in the future if I felt the need.

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