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Support with Anxiety

If this feels like you, then please come talk to me. I can support you to understand those struggles right now, and provide immediate relief from those whirring thoughts whizzing around your head. I can show you how to move forward in a positive, forward looking way without feeling continually hijacked by your thinking, and your worries which can induce a real feeling of panic.

How would it be to be able to move through everyday life without being in that perpetual state of fear?

Sally found this journey releasing herself from that anxious cycle of thought and worry immensely empowering, having a real positive impact on hers and her families everyday life;

Prior to beginning my sessions, I was suffering from post-natal depression and had been on medication for nearly 2 and half years for my symptoms. I found I was stuck in a cycle of negative thinking and was unable to break myself out. I knew I needed to change my eating habits and stick at exercise if I had any chance of improving my state of mind and have any success in one day coming of my medication. I found I was constantly tired and very very down on myself. I knew the steps I needed to take to improve my state of mind but felt I had no motivation to make them happen.

I had many reservations about my hypnotherapy sessions. Due to my negative thinking, my main fear was that it wouldn’t work. I always have worries about trying a new therapy and putting any credence on it improving my situation as I feel so vulnerable about possibly attempting another thing that doesn’t make any difference.

I was also fearful that it might make my symptoms worse. I had no reason at all to think this; it was simply fear of the unknown.  Also, I was aware that to get the most from the sessions I would have to be entirely honest about my symptoms and situation and knowing that Marlow is a small town, I was concerned before meeting Clare that we might have mutual acquaintances which would make things awkward and I wouldn’t be able to be honest. I need not have worried. I found Clare to be amazingly warm and welcoming – yet still maintaining such a high level of professionalism – It was so easy to talk about everything – never did I feel self-conscious.

The earliest appointment was informative and discussed the basis of hypnotherapy, the 3 P’s and the way our thoughts /minds work. We talked about our stress buckets and our intellectual minds. Everything made perfect logical sense to me, and as I result I was so eager to begin the sessions and felt no fear at all

The sessions felt like my positive time, they were a gentle mental and physical haven in which to relax, recharge and heal. We always began in a similar way, focusing on the positive events and interactions since our last meeting. It was a real lesson in how to notice the positive, little things we often take for granted. We never dismissed anything positive no matter how small. It was also a fantastic lesson in how to start with a small thing to improve to make your life better. Avoiding trying to tackle mountains, which often result in you being disappointed with yourself?

Of course I very much looked forward to the hypnotherapy. I found the entire process a truly enlightening, fulfilling and positive experience. Right from the outset I felt completely comfortable with Clare. I could discuss my most irrational fears and thoughts. I was only ever met with positive reactions and made to feel at ease. No expectations and no judgments.

I started to see a real positive change in myself from very early on in our meetings. I started to find the voice in my head was much more logical and less emotional. I started being much kinder to myself in my thought process, and I spent less time ruminating over a single thought or problem. It suddenly became easier to reach a conclusion and move on. I began to realise that just because something had happened a certain way before, it didn’t mean it had to be this way all the time.

During the weeks surrounding our sessions I started to find myself approaching things I would never have dreamed off this time last year. I began to take regular exercise and stopped making excuses or wanting to! I hosted a children’s party at my house and found myself inviting people over when once I would’ve made excuses. I also wanted to conclude disagreements within the family instead of letting arguments linger on for hours.

Moving forward, although not entirely ready to come off my medication, I have a plan in place for doing this – it is my ultimate goal. I feel stronger and more determined. And although my initial thought when I replied to Clare was that when the sessions came to an end I would be “running 3 times a week”, eating nothing but healthy foods etc. (and I am much closer to this than when I started!!), the strengths and skills I have been left with after our sessions are much more important. The hypnotherapy has given me life skills – things that will help me throughout my life – my ability to identify stress, de stress and be positive. I will continue to listen to the MP3 that I have been given (and have even shared it with my son) and every day before I go to bed, I will look at all of the positive things that have happened – no matter how small. There is really no need or desire to go over anything negative anymore.

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